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You way want to consult with a lawyer regarding your case.

We would like to help make finding the right attorney less frustrating and intimidating.  You may have friends or acquaintances at work that can provide “word-of-mouth” referrals – but this can result in a bad fit for your needs.  Searching for the right lawyer in telephone directories is a shot in the dark. A large Yellow Page ad only says that the lawyer can afford to pay for it.

Selecting the right legal counsel for your situation requires critical evaluations regarding a lawyer’s expertise, experience and professional reputation. Additionally, there are issues of confidentiality, price and locale.

This complicated decision is often rushed by short deadlines.  Most people simply are not qualified to determine a lawyer’s experience in a specific area of law, or have the time to meet and consult with prospective lawyers.


LegalMatch is America’s original attorney/client matching service and is not a referral service. When a consumer presents their issue to LegalMatch, our system matches the consumer’s case to LegalMatch lawyers in their city or county based on the specifics of the consumer’s case and the lawyer’s location and area of legal practice.

And unlike referral services, LegalMatch believes that informed consumers know best when it comes to choosing the right lawyer for their needs. LegalMatch will never try to pick your lawyer for you. With LegalMatch, you’re given the power to confidentially and thoroughly review the experience, track record, availability, and fee structure of pre-screened lawyers who match your needs before deciding whom to contact. There is no obligation to hire an attorney, and this service is free to consumers.

This is a free online legal matching service which is easy to complete, highly effective and protects your privacy. The absolute latest in technology enables you to confidentially find the right lawyer for you.

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