What if there is a warrant for your arrest?

What Is an Arrest Warrant ?

Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant is an order for arrest ordered by a judge.  The warrant gives the police authority to arrest the subject and even search and detain property. If you have an outstanding arrest warrant the police may be actively searching for you now. Or, depending on the type of warrant, you may never even know about the warrant until you get stopped by the police. Police will routinely run a warrant search during a traffic stop or other interaction. If they find you have an open warrant you will likely be arrested.

Arrest warrants are typically issued for failure to appear or failure to comply with an Order of the Court for things like:

Tickets (such as traffic violations)

Misdemeanors (such as theft and shoplifting)

Unpaid child support

and more serious Felonies.

Even you are completely unaware of your outstanding warrant you may be subject to immediate arrest. If you are stopped in a routine traffic stop, involved in an automobile accident, or even interviewed as a part of an unrelated crime – a warrant search may trigger your arrest. If you travel outside the country, a background check will likely be run when you try to cross the border. If an arrest warrant shows up, the local police will likely arrest you and arrange for you to be delivered to prison in the issuing State.

How Can I Find Out If There Is a Warrant for My Arrest?
You can contact your local courthouse; the law clerk can find out whether there is a warrant out for your arrest. To check for warrants in Mecklenburg County you can search for warrant here.

Obtain a Bail Bond BEFORE you are arrested.
If there is an arrest warrant out for you, you may be able to obtain bail and avoid being arrested by the police. Contact an agent with Bail Bonds Now to obtain a Bail Bond and avoid arrest for an outstanding warrant. A BailsNow.com Bondsman can arrange to have the bail paid without you ever setting foot in a courtroom. After your bail is posted you would go to a court hearing. At that hearing, the judge will tell you how to get rid of the warrant. At this time you will also be able to present your case and attempt to lower your punishment or fine.

What If I Missed My Court Date?
Depending on the type of warrant, you may be able to request a new court date. However, some warrants will require you to turn yourself in before you can get a court date. You can avoid arrest by obtaining a Bail Bond before you turn yourself in. Typically, you will be given a hearing on that day. So, if you plan to turn yourself in, you may want to arrange to have an attorney go with you.

Consult an Attorney
A criminal law attorney can help guide you throughout your arrest warrant process. Moreover, he can represent you in court. If you would like a referral we may be able to help you FIND AN ATTORNEY that best fits your needs.